Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fairytale Homes A Dream come True

Some homes are just a dream. It is everybody’s dream to own a space that is beautiful and comfortable at the same time. There are many things that people aim for, but cannot achieve due to various constraints. It may be financial or merely a lack of interest to invest in property.

If given a chance, what would be your definition of a fairytale home? A huge house with servants waiting to cater to your needs? Or a house which works on some unique technology. The decisions may vary according to personal choices. But how about a huge house with unique technology to go with? Seems exciting isn’t it?

Some homes that we visit seem like they are just out of a fairytale. The entrance greets you with a beautiful garden after a huge gate that has been carved out of the finest metal. The garden welcomes you with a fountain and beautiful rare flowering plants that are a treat to the eye. 

As you move ahead, you see a huge construction as never seen before. There are people who build their residences according to themes. A lot of investment goes into it as it is different from the usual ones and they tend to spend more than required to get what they want.

The architecture of the house is done in minute detail with consideration to their requirements. Furniture is carved out of the best quality of wood. But in order to run such a big place, there should be people dedicated to take care of it. Imagine the number of employers required for various tasks.
Now this can be taken care of, by using homeautomation solutions. It makes life easier and convenient. 

It gives the liberty to operate and monitor multiple things with a single device. This lessens the manpower and also assures the quality of the output. People depend more on machinery than men. So they would always want to go in for something that is automatic and reliable rather than depending on someone for the success of the job.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Design your own home with that dash of love and automation

They say it takes designers to do up your house. They can transform your house; make it look classy, play with the lights, use the latest technology, etc. But a lesser known fact is, your home can be designed by you itself and that too in a professional manner!

Nobody knows your house better than you. You know your essentials and you may want to organize your things in a particular way. So add that dash of love to your home by decorating it yourself. Colors bring life to a home, so choose wisely. The next step is the furniture which does the trick. Have furniture which would double up as a storage space.

While doing all of this don’t forget to add a few automated products to your house. You can get these products easily in the market at an affordable price. The difference it makes is tremendous. When you have guests come over to your house, make them sit in awe by showing off your trendy products. The automation products are designed for comfort and convenience at the same time is user friendly.
Most of the automation products now are battery powered which makes them easy to install. This will make your home look up-to-date and trendier. Slowly you will also improve your technical knowledge on these things.

Before choosing any product, go through the product manual to find if the product meets your expectations. After going through it, if you feel that the given description doesn’t match your requirements, you can choose not to buy the product.

With automation, you can operate things at the touch of a button. There are various automation products available such as sensors, IPcameras, video door phones, remote control etc. You can choose from a vast range of products and be rest assured about its quality.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Learn how to remodel your house using automation solutions

A house speaks a lot about YOU. Your choices, decisions, etc. People reconstruct their houses spending lakhs of rupees but the houses don’t end up looking worth the money they have invested. Remodeling of properties should be done in a way that everybody would be awestruck.

One of the things that can work wonders with remodeling is – Automation. While remodeling, a touch of automation brings about a tremendous change in the look and feel of the house.

Remodeling involves a lot of breaking up on things. Like changing the furniture and décor, construction of new walls, etc. This involves a lot of effort and planning. But in automation, there is no need to change anything related to the wiring. This is the best thing about automation. Automation is devoid of any external changes. And though there are no external changes, the functioning of the product remains unhampered.

Remodeling your house involves a lot of adjustments and minor work. It may seem minor but makes a lot of difference. Automation plays a very important role here. After you remodel your house, the redone house can be taken a level higher if you give it an automated touch.

You can automate the electrical devices in your house with the help of a remote control. You can even guard your newly done property byinstalling an IP Camera within the residential premises. Various types of sensors can be put up for safety and security. And all this can be operated via a Smartphone too.

This enables you to operate all the devices remotely from anywhere and anytime. This gives us the freedom to check on our properties and loves ones anytime and anywhere. It also warns you and enables to act accordingly.

Imagine you controlling all the devices in your home with a Smartphone. A smartphone is something that we always carry with ourselves so it’s better to operate various devices such as the lights, fans, AC’s, etc. with it. Various sensors can be operated through it. Not only this, even the front door can be unlocked remotely with the help of the smartphone.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Automation for Newbies

Automation is the new fad. A large number of people want to have automated homes, offices, hospitals, schools, etc. The only reason being - the convenience it offers and also the level of security at the same time.

There are people who we call architect who help us to do up our homes in an aesthetic manner. But out of the lot there are a few who like to do up their house on their own. They like to add that personal touch which they worry the architect may never be able to understand.
Let’s talk about how Automation makes a difference to our daily lives. Now if it was related to selecting a color shade for a particular wall or selecting a décor, it would be easier. But doing up the home by automating it definitely needs the work of an efficient person.

Home Automation has given a new dimension with the help of the creative products it produces. The products are easy to use and can be used by laymen easily. It is designed in such a way that the person doesn’t have to be technically sound to understand its working or for installing it.

The products usually come with an installation guide and can be connected easily by following the steps mentioned. The manual provided with the product also bears description to all the products that are produced by the company and hence is useful for the user to decide which product is the most essential for him.

The products are user friendly and technically very simple. Many a times it does happen that you have to follow budgets and also at the same time want to do up the space as per your wish. So the automation meant for newbies provides you with just the right thing that you require. You have alternatives according to your budget and necessity. Some may want to have their home done in a classy way and might be willing to spend a fortune on it. Whereas there may be a few who would want to experience technology at its level and not be bothered to show it off.

Automation Solutions are associated only with a common issue of having to redo the wiring for a particular product which leads to altering the look of the house. But off late, there have been products which are designed in such a way that they require no external wiring and are easily replaced with the previous ones.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Automate your home this Christmas

Come Christmas and we have a long list of things to get done! It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Get together, great food, chit chats and the list goes on….This is the time when our near and dear ones visit us and look forward to spending time with us.

Our houses reflect our personality. This is the reason that many people decorate their houses by themselves. They take lot of efforts to make sure that everything is up to the mark. This is the time that you can make your home look different from the rest.

Christmas is the time of the year to sing songs, have good food, etc. All this fun and frolic depends a lot on the ambience of the place. The mood of the evening is set on the lighting provided. If you compare a room that is well lit or dimmed as per aesthetics, and a room that is lit more than necessary, you will find that people are more comfortable with the earlier set up.

Now with a lot of people coming over, it becomes a bit difficult to attend to everybody’s needs. You obviously can’t take care of all the things but surely can take care of a few ones. For e.g. If you want to turn ON the air conditioner, in a house packed with guests where are you going to search for the AC remote? If you have automated your home, you are relieved. Becausethings like turning on/off devices such as the AC, fans, lights, etc. can bedone via your smartphone or a tablet. Our smartphones are always with us so no need to hunt for it. Just click it and you are there. Managing these devices is just a click away.

When guests ask for music to be played, that can be done via the Smartphone too! So just imagine multiple uses with one device. With this you can keep the guests entertained and also monitor everything through a single device. When the house is filled with guests and someone comes at the door….it becomes so difficult to get it. Now with automation solutions provide remote access to the visitor at the door from any place that you are in.

Make the most of automation solutions this Christmas. To know more, click

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Automate your home this Dussehra

Automation is not just another investment, but a step towards secure and comfortable future. It gives you the liberty to explore a different array of technology. With the festive season on, what more than a safe and secure future can you gift yourself?

Many people tend to think that home automation would be costly or would make us lazy…The fact is – it does neither. Neither is it too costly nor does it makes you lazy. Home automation infact introduces you to awhole new world of technology by providing a user friendly atmosphere. Buildtrack is one company that can offer solutions affordable to any customer based on their requirement.

It is based on the concept of making the technology work for you. You can be your own master by having control over electrical devices at home. Make this Dussehra special for your loved ones with home automation.

Welcome guests in a grand manner

With home automation, you can control the working of lights, fans, etc. No need to head towards the switch board to turn ON/OFF the electrical devices. Operate these with the help of a hand held remote or a smartphone or a tablet.

Being the latest craze, the possibilities related to the world of automation will surely amaze everybody. The features and benefits will keep them engrossed. With such unique features nothing can stop you from being the center of attraction.

Dussehra marks the beginning of new things and what can be better than a secure and comfortable environment? With home automation you can experience comfort and convenience with total control in your hands. Home automation not only provides comfort and luxury but also safety with products like Fire and Smoke Sensors.

It also includes products like Motion Sensors which are designed considering the problems faced by the senior citizens. Absentmindedness is a common problem faced with growing age. As a solution to this, motion sensors are installed. The lights, fans, etc. turn ON/OFF based on the motion sensed. So there is no need to manually turn ON/OFF the electrical devices.

The best part of home automation is that it can also be operated through a smartphone or a tablet. So your presence around a particular area is not compulsory. Things can be controlled remotely.

So this Dussehra enter a home where automation greets you to a beautiful beginning.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Looking for Home Automation in Mumbai?

Home Automation is a one-of-a-kind automation which is designed for the safety, security and convenience of the masses. It not only teaches you to lead a comfortable life but also introduces you to a whole new phase of technological benefits.

Home Automation includes products such as IP Cameras, Motion Sensors, Gas Sensors, Remote Controls for lights, fans, etc. A lot of its products intend on saving energy without hampering your comfort zone.

Mumbai is such a place where you will find people living in villas and also in matchbox apartments. Though the place and the standard of living differ but the needs remain the same. After a hard day’s work we come home and expect to be looked after. Imagine a situation where you enter your house and sit on the couch, relaxed. The next moment your wife shouts from the kitchen to switch off the lights which have been left ON in the bedroom by the kids. This is annoying and frustrating. How you wish you could just lock up your kids for this! Jokes apart, you wish that the way Aladdin had a magical lamp, you could have one too!

Now, we can’t have a magical lamp but surely can have a Remote Control that can control and monitor the electrical devices at home. With the Remote Control, you can control the working of the lights, fans, ACs, curtains, etc.

You can install motion sensors in every room to curb the energy usage. These sensors help in cutting the electric power to almost 30%. Gas Sensors can be installed to ensure safety. So many dangerous incidents take place around us now-a-days; installing a gas sensor would ensure safety.

Technology is put to use in the right manner and it’s better to take advantage of it. In our busy lifestyles, we tend to forget that we finally have to survive the dangerous happenings taking place around us. Installing a home automation would indeed be a wise decision to take.

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