Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life Simplified with Senior Living Automation

The seniors today have inclination towards technology. They are enthusiastic to learn new things and are more active than youngsters. The greatest benefit that they have is – they have time to focus of the things they would like to do. We are so busy in our lives that we seldom follow our heart and do things that please us or make us happy. But they have ample time and use it to devote it to their interests.

Life Simplified with Senior Living Automation

They are in sync with the latest technology. Using the smartphone and laptop is an easy task for them.

Comfort and convenience

The automation products provide them with excellent comfort and convenience. There are remote controls which can reduce manual stress. Senior adults are physically weak compared to the youngsters. For them to get up every now and them to switch on/off the electrical devices such as the lights, fans, etc. becomes a bit difficult. This is the time when the remote control comes to their rescue.

Secure Environment

With automation solutions, you can provide them with a secure environment. Products such as IP Cameras can be installed at home and the activities can be monitored on a smartphone via a Smart App. This proves to be very helpful in case of an emergency.
Then there are Video Door Phones through which you can view and have a conversation with the visitor. Aged people often forget things. There may be a case when they might have forgotten to take the door keys with them and get stranded outside. During this time, you might be at work and it would not be feasible for you to come all the way to your home to unlock the door. Video Door Phones are here to help you out of the situation. It has a feature where you can provide access by remotely unlocking the door. So if there is a family member visiting you or is stranded outside, you can be their angel in disguise by providing them access to the home.

Independence from traditional switches

Technology is changing by leaps and bounds. We now have remote controls to operate electrical devices such as lights and fans. This is a bonus for all age groups as the remote control can be easily operated by one and all. In addition to this, there are various products which have brought changes in our day to day lives and have changed our lives for better.

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