Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life Simplified with Senior Living Automation

The seniors today have inclination towards technology. They are enthusiastic to learn new things and are more active than youngsters. The greatest benefit that they have is – they have time to focus of the things they would like to do. We are so busy in our lives that we seldom follow our heart and do things that please us or make us happy. But they have ample time and use it to devote it to their interests.

Life Simplified with Senior Living Automation

They are in sync with the latest technology. Using the smartphone and laptop is an easy task for them.

Comfort and convenience

The automation products provide them with excellent comfort and convenience. There are remote controls which can reduce manual stress. Senior adults are physically weak compared to the youngsters. For them to get up every now and them to switch on/off the electrical devices such as the lights, fans, etc. becomes a bit difficult. This is the time when the remote control comes to their rescue.

Secure Environment

With automation solutions, you can provide them with a secure environment. Products such as IP Cameras can be installed at home and the activities can be monitored on a smartphone via a Smart App. This proves to be very helpful in case of an emergency.
Then there are Video Door Phones through which you can view and have a conversation with the visitor. Aged people often forget things. There may be a case when they might have forgotten to take the door keys with them and get stranded outside. During this time, you might be at work and it would not be feasible for you to come all the way to your home to unlock the door. Video Door Phones are here to help you out of the situation. It has a feature where you can provide access by remotely unlocking the door. So if there is a family member visiting you or is stranded outside, you can be their angel in disguise by providing them access to the home.

Independence from traditional switches

Technology is changing by leaps and bounds. We now have remote controls to operate electrical devices such as lights and fans. This is a bonus for all age groups as the remote control can be easily operated by one and all. In addition to this, there are various products which have brought changes in our day to day lives and have changed our lives for better.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Installation of CCTV cameras for apartments and villas is a wise decision.

We may travel the world meeting people we don’t know and try to strike a chord with them. But none of us want our houses to be a place for unknown visitors.

Installation of CCTV cameras for apartments and villas is a wise decision.

A recent article mentioned the new initiative by the railways. They installed CCTV cameras in the newly introduced AC coaches. These cameras have been installed for safety and security of the people.
You will find CCTV cameras installed in every nook and corner now-a-days. People are worried about safety and hence prefer to take necessary precautions for the same. The cameras provide you a valid proof of the visits by having video recordings of known and unknown people.
Installation of CCTV cameras for apartments and villas is awise decision. You have a record of the entry and exit of all the visitors. Also at times when you are not at home, these CCTV cameras can record the entry and exit of visitors and help you identify them.
CCTV cameras are usually installed near the entrance of buildings, apartments, villas, etc. It is appropriately placed to view the visitor easily.
These cameras can act as a proof of a particular person’s presence during certain incidents. This helps when you want to nab down a thief, provide the identity of a supposed kidnapper, etc. The installed CCTV cameras can also be viewed through different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. This helps you to monitor over your property anywhere and anytime.
The fact that you can monitor your property from anywhere and anytime gives you the benefit of taking necessary action in case of an emergency.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Increasing Home Security – IP Cameras

IP Cameras are meant to provide safety and security to your place and hence are placed indoors. It is useful in monitoring the on-going activities in the house. Also it can be viewed via a Smart App on a smartphone, tablet or a laptop which makes it easy to operate.

Reasons for setting up IP Cameras

With the IP Cameras, things have become a lot easier. It’s like carrying your home in your pocket. It gives you a sense of security when you know that you can watch over your house even when you are away from it.

Reasons for setting up IP Cameras:

Easy installation: The first step with any product is its installation. The IP Cameras are easy to install and are installed within a couple of hours. To install the IP camera, you can select a place which will cover the maximum area to be monitored. You can adjust the camera setting by tilting or panning it.

Time to take necessary action: The IP cameras help to view the on-going activities on a smartphone or a tablet. This gives time to the resident to react to a particular situation and take necessary action regarding the same.

Ensuring safety and security: Installing an IP Camera makes the place safe and secure. It seems to watch over you and inform you simultaneously in case of any issues. The activities taking place in the residence can be viewed via a smartapp or a tablet. So in case of any incident taking place in the house, the resident gets notified on his/her mobile or receives an email alert regarding the same.

Non-expensive software: Unlike other products which charge a huge amount for their product, IP cameras are relatively cheaper. They suffice our needs and lend a feeling of security while away from home.

Taking a look at all the benefits IP cameras, it can be concluded that it’s a must have in all households. The IP cameras also record short videos which can be viewed by the resident anywhere and anytime. To know more about the product, click

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Video Door Phones – For home and building

A Video Door Phone as the name reads is a wireless door monitoring solution for apartments, villas or buildings. It is a camera integrated doorbell which is placed on the front door. It helps the residents communicate with the visitor remotely. At building level , it is placed in the lobby which is the entrance for all visitors.

The camera of the video door phone enables the resident to see the visitor at the door but not vice versa.

The camera of the video door phone enables the resident to see the visitor at the door but not vice versa. The resident can also have a conversation with the visitor.

When the visitor rings the doorbell, a conventional bell placed within the apartment as well as the Smart App on the smart phone or tablet alerts the resident at the arrival of the visitor. The video door phone also allows to record videos of the visitors while residents are not at home.

It is essential when you have kids or seniors at home. With video door phones, it’s like watching over your house even when you are not around. We get a lot of unknown visitors who claim to be salesmen, etc. with thefts and kidnappings on the rise, it is better to have a video door phone installed as you can control the granting of access to people.

Parents should make it a practice to teach their children to use the video door phone as it is installed for security purposes. The Smart App allows users to have audio and video access to the front door and also can be accessed remotely to validate entry of the visitor.

Benefits of Video Door Phone

·         You can provide access to visitors when you are not in a position to answer the door.
·         Increases your home security.
·         Unknown visitors can be warded off easily with video door phones.
·         You can seek hidden objects if any or call the police accordingly.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tips to attract customers to your hotels

Ever wondered why do people have dream hotels? What is it that they provide which others don’t? Is it their services? May be! But more than that, they provide them with an amazing experience that becomes cherished memories later.

Hotel Automation being the latest talk of the industry has taken the industry by storm

People visiting hotels expect the staff to shower them with attention. The hotel staff in return wants their customers to get the best of hospitality. What they believe is: If the customer is satisfied, then that goodwill will pass on and generate more business.

As all the people are not alike, their expectations also differ. Luxury has different meanings to all. To some it may be a good service while for some privacy may top the list. When people get what they want, they rate the hotel well, but some are never satisfied. They would want you to attend to them several times and still would be upset with the service provided. This is actually the tricky part. Most of the people are not genuine here. Some people just do it to get better service.

Hotels go an extra mile to make the guest feel comfortable and special. To personalize their experience, the guests are provided with personalized welcome cards, bouquets, door step service, etc. But the problem arises when the guests arrive in large number and the staff that is appointed to take care of them falls short. Though this is a rare occasion, it needs to be taken care of. After a lot of research, it was found that automated solutions can take of this issue. It is better because you are not dependent on manual assistance.

Hotel Automation being the latest talk of the industry has taken the industry by storm. Not only is the solutions user friendly and cost effective but also provide excellent quality for their products. With the help of these automation services, all kinds of customers can be taken care of. Customers with varied needs find the automation service useful to solve their high end as well as the basic needs.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hospitals and Latest Automation Solutions

Hospital operations when synced with the latest technology can bring about an improvement in patient care and also reduce the overall cost.

Hospitals and Latest Automation Solutions

Technology has not made things complicated but instead has shown a simpler approach to life.  The below given points are the reasons why there is a need for automation in hospitals.

Pay Attention

Always pay minute attention to the patient. That is what you are here for! You have to be attending them at their call. You always have to cater to their needs even though they seem to be irritating and repetitive.

Extend Support

The foremost reason for their admittance in the hospital is that they are incapable of handling things on their own. There could me various reasons to this. One of them might be- suffering from some disease. At this point of time it is very important that they should not be left isolated. They have to be given proper care and support and the confidence to get well soon.
But with the increased pressure of work, even the staffs in the hospital become irritated and react on small things. This can be understood as they are humans after all.

Technology - Support for the physically disabled

A hospital has various people with various needs. There are people who are physically tired and need an attendant to do the basic things such as helping them to use to washroom, switching off the lights, fans, etc. On the other hand some people are physically incapable of doing the same things by themselves. Now, as they are in the hospital, help can be made available for them till a limited time. But what after they leave? People with physical exertion may recover in some days, but what about the ones who are unable to physically respond to things?
Technology has extended support to people who are physically disabled. Automation solutions have reached far and wide and have overcome the difficulties faced by them to a large extent.
People who are physically handicapped find it difficult to get a caregiver. They are not ready to work for them as it gets very strenuous. Every need of theirs has to be taken care of, right from operating the electrical devices.
Now, with automation solutions, the basic necessities of an individual can be taken care of. For e.g. operating the electrical devices by oneself, adjusting the temperature of the fan or air conditioners, etc. These facilities instill a ray of hope and confidence in the individual about being independent to a certain extent.

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Home Automation – A Child’s Play

Change is only permanent thing in life. Things around us are changing drastically and it’s time for us to change too! As we have moved from landlines to smartphones, similarly we have to move from manual switches to automated ones.

Home Automation Solution is essential for multipurpose use

Smart Homes are the need of the hour. Who doesn’t want everything to work on their fingertips? We all imagine a life of luxury. But not all get a chance to live so. But with automation technologies, it seems to be possible now.

Home Automation Solution takes care of the entire house. It’s like a shield that guards your house and lets you sit back comfortably. Home Automation Solution is available as a package where all your troubles and concerns are taken care of.

Most importantly, it is user friendly with easy to use features. It provides convenience, security and comfort to the user. The user can customize the solution as per his/her requirements. It is integrated with products that help you keep a watch over your home remotely.

Home Automation Solution is essential for multipurpose use. If you are looking out for a particular solution, then getting a home automation package would not prove fruitful. Instead you could rather opt for a specific solution.

Imagine a situation where you have a child at home who is grown-up enough to take care of himself. This won’t take away the worry from you about his security right? How you wish if you could keep a watch over him. This problem can be resolved by installing IP Cameras at home for keeping a tag over the child. Now what can be done for the situation where you have an unwanted visitor at your place and your child is alone at home. During such a situation you fail to understand what needs to be done. Installing Video Door Phones will allow you to view and communicate with the person at your door remotely. You can provide access to the visitor after checking his identity by opening the door remotely.

The automation solutions also help to curb unnecessary energy expenditures. Upgrading to a Smart Home is not difficult now. The bestpart is that most of the installation for home automation doesn’t require anyexternal wiring, making it easy to install. It integrates all the solutions at one place making it easy for the customer to operate it centrally.

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